To Conclude, The movie Titanic Highlighted The Unwritten Code Of Social Values. Titanic Movie Unwritten Code Of Social Values

The Titanic movie depicted the sinking of the Titanic ship. In the ship, there were 3 classes of people. The first-class people were ultra-rich, listing their name in Forbes 400 magazine. Second-class people were also inhabited by rich professionals. The Remaining belongs to the third class.

During its maiden voyage, en route to New York City from England, around 1500 passengers and ship personnel sank on 14-15 April 1912. As the ship was sinking, the first class passenger scrambled to climb into the small number of lifeboats. Only the determination of the hardy seamen, who used guns to keep plutocrats at bay, got the women and children into the boat.

In fact, according to survivors’ accounts, the ‘Women and children first ‘ convention was observed with almost no exception among the first class. The statistics make this plain. In the first class, every child was saved and 139 women out of 144 were saved. 3 of the remaining 5 dead women chose to die with their husbands. By contrast, 70% of the men in the first class perished. In the second class 80% of women were saved but 90% of men drowned or sank. The largest proportion of people in die belongs to the third class.

John Jacob Aston, reputedly, the richest man in America at that time, on the ship, is said to have fought his way to a boat, put his wife in it, and then refusing to take a seat, stepped back and waived her goodbye. Benjamin Guggenheim, the rich businessmen similarly declined a seat for himself, yielding his place to a women, asking only that she convey a message to home: Tell my wife….. I played the game, outstraight and to the end. After watching the movie, we got the following impression.

The first one is, passenger endowed with greater economic resources ie traveling in first class have a much higher chance of being saved than passenger traveling in second and third class. This is consistent with the hypothesis that person of higher social means are more likely to survive a disaster. Second hypothesis that the social norms such as ‘ women and children first ‘ vanishes, under the condition of extreme duress, is rejected. Finally, John Jacob Aston and Benjamin showed us that the privileges comes with the responsibility.

To conclude, the movie Titanic highlighted the unwritten code of social values.


Titanic Movie Unwritten Code Of Social Values


Neha Singh

M.A English Language And Literature ( MG University, Kerala )

Final Semester MBA ( Marketing Management, NMIMS )

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  1. Chitra

    Easy to understand….. Nicely written 😊

    1. thesamiksha

      Thank you, Chitra!

  2. Bruce Williams

    Good example of social guidelines being tested. The sad thing is so much depended on class divisions. Thank you Yogesh for bringing out the lesson here!

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