Bald Is Beautiful, To conclude, the inferiority complex of baldness may be psychological disposition which may have been rooted in our patriarchal society.

Whenever there is an arranged marriage consideration, brides are looking at all many factors of the bridegroom like his job, financial status, age and then weight,  skin colour, and height. The baldness of the groom also becomes a part of this checklist.

It is observed that most of the time, the bald groom finds it difficult to get a suitable bride. Conversely, the brides are reluctant to marry the bald groom.

The question is raised, why is this so? It is very difficult to answer the above question. But here we can have a few guesses.

The first guess is that bald men tend to look older than their age. Normally,  in the Indian scenario, the ideal age gap between the groom and bride is 4 to 5 years. If that age gap appears more than that, it is frowned upon.

The second guess is that we equate baldness with the ageing process. That means, when a person grows older,  he used to advance towards baldness. It is normally believed that as we are aging, we are supposed to lose vitality or strength of the body also. So there is an unconscious misconception among us that baldness means losing vitality or strength.

Baldness does not have any connection with the appearance of the groom. The bald people are also very handsome.  If they look handsome,  then why do they spend so much money on hair transplantation? The purpose of hair transplantation is not to look handsome but to show off vitality.

To conclude,  the inferiority complex of baldness may be a psychological disposition which may have been rooted in our patriarchal society.  The base of our patriarchal society is to show off the vitality of man.

Bald Is Beautiful

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