Explain Role Conflict

Role conflict arises when an individual faces two conflicting or incompatible expectations from members of a social circle. The classic example of role conflict is that of a husband caught between the expectations of his wife and those of his mother or parents, more so if they are dependent on him and staying together.

The wife would naturally expect her husband to save his income for her children and herself whereas the parents would expect the son to take care of them as well. After all, they have brought him up and spent a lot on his professional education. They expect him to reciprocate.

Individuals adopt several strategies to manage role conflict. They may subdivide their life so that they play any one given role at a time or they may even go to the extent of ignoring one set of expectations in preference to others.

Managing role conflict is a part of one’s life and there are no ready-made solutions for it. A lot depends on a person’s maturity.

To conclude, in the 21st century, the significance of role conflict increases for many women who have professional careers.

Explain Role Conflict

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