Never Trust A Woman Who Does Not Drink

Everyone aspires to have a few good friends. How do we choose our friends? We choose our friends on one of the criteria of trust about him or her. There are also other criteria like interest, behaviour and so on. Thus friendships evolve over a period of time through like-minded interests, behaviour and trust in each other.

In the Indian conservative scenario, few males have female friends. Similarly, few females have male friends. Here the criteria of friendship solely trust. Without trust, neither male nor female would like to make opposite-sex friends.

The question is raised? How does a female or male judge the trust of whether to make friends or not? To judge trust, tools are very limited. One tool may be time. As time goes on, trust can be built up and that leads to cementing the friendship between the opposite sexes.

Another tool through which trust can be judged. That tool may be the drinking habits. It is normally said that once you are drunk, you start to speak the truth.

It is observed that drinking habits among friends lead to cementing friendships. The base of that friendship may be the trust and time spent with each other.

So, if any male wants to have a female as a genuine friend, how will he identify his true friend? If that female takes the drinks, it becomes easy for him to trust her or not for the friendship or vice versa.

To conclude, it is said that, once one booze, one shows their real character, which may help one to befriend him or her.

Never Trust A Woman Who Does Not Drink

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