Interested in exploring different faiths and religions? Learn what is sect meaning is and its importance to theology with this guide.
What is sect?

Sect is an offshoot of a larger religion. It is a group of people sharing particular political or religious beliefs.

In European society, it is observed that the sects had repudiated the Church. Thus, it tended to repudiate some aspects of society with which the Church was so deeply involved. One of the chief characteristics of the sect is the obliteration of the distinction between the clergy and the laity.

The sect is usually democratic in its organisation. Normally it is intolerant towards other religious groups. It is based on the ideals of brotherly love and sometimes of communism.  Membership in a sect is voluntary. Sects tend to arise during periods of rapid social change. In this situation, traditional norms are disrupted. Social relationships tend to lack consistent and coherent meaning.

In the Indian context, Buddhism emerged as a sect from Brahmanism around 600 B.C. The emergence of  Buddhism as a sect can be explained, as the social relationship and traditional norms were disrupted at around 600 B.C.

To conclude, religion is becoming more and more personal and private matter, as indicated by the multiplication of sects.

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