Why Do The Girls Wear Jeans ?

Why Do The Girls Wear Jeans?

Jeans are one of the dress costumes prevailing in our society now. We wear dress costumes to protect our body from heat, cold and rain. The second purpose of wearing a dress is to feel better. The third purpose of dressing is to show the outer world how we are.

Jean pants were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss of the USA in 1873. Jeans pants were prepared to fulfil the needs of the industrial working class of that time. The industrial working class needed rough and tough clothes to work in the factory. Here jean clothes were used as a symbol of disobedience to the capitalist owner. In Russia, the common was secretly importing jean pants to wear as the Russian government had banned it.

In a very short period of time, jean pants became a fashionable item. It became popular not only among males but also females, particularly young girls.

The jeans pants are basically a dress costume for the boys. So, the question is raised, why do the girls wear jeans?

The first is that the jean pants may be helping the girls to work comfortably in public life. This may have increased the popularity of jean pants among girls.

The second is that girls wearing jeans pants is a symbol of disobedience. In an Indian patriarchal society where the dominance of males is a norm, by wearing jean pants, the female is challenging male dominance without noticing the male. Wearing jeans has given the opportunity to the female to show their displeasure against male dominance in society.

Thirdly, by wearing the jean pants, the girls are demanding equality along with boys at least in one aspect of life i.e dressing in public life.

To conclude, it is hearting to see that Indian society is slowly losing its conservative attitude toward a certain aspect of our public life.

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