Currency The Greatest Invention In Human History | Greatest Invention of All Times

There are countless inventions in human history. Few inventions had changed the course of human history. These inventions may include the hand axe, agriculture, writing, individual reasons, and artificial intelligence.

But there is one invention which has profoundly changed the nature of human history. That had been the invention of currency. It is grossly ignored by historians while sequencing human history.

What is currency? Currency is the medium of exchange for goods and services. It is money in the form of paper or coins, usually issued by the government.

In the Indian scenario, we know about the punch-marked coins circulation around 600 BC. This was the period of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. This period is also known as the period of Second Urbanisation. So, one of the reasons for Second Urbanisation was the introduction of new currency i.e. punched marked coins during that period.

In 200 BC, Indo-Greeks introduced highly sophisticated coins. These coins had definite shapes, weights, and denominations. They were highly aesthetic in nature. This helped India to establish our trade relations with Central Asia and Western countries.

So, what does the currency do? Currency helps to do the trade or transaction between two unknown individuals. It helps to establish faith or confidence among the participants in economic activities. Without that faith, transactions cannot be executed. So, today’s economic growth cannot be imagined without currency.

Yuval Harari, the anthropologist, and author of the renowned book Homo Sapiens once said,

Osama Bin Laden does not believe in the USA.
But he has strong faith in the USA dollar.

To conclude, the invention of currency has revolutionized the world, which has escaped from our thought.


Currency The Greatest Invention In Human History

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