Indian Rulers Not Expanding Their Rule Outside Indian subcontinent

If we study ancient and medieval Indian history, we find many great rulers like Ashoka, Samudragupta, Alauddin Khilji, Akbar, and so on. But none of them had tried to venture outside the Indian subcontinent. The exception to the above is the Chola rulers.

Chola rulers ruled in South India, particularly in the Tamil Nadu region from 1000-1300 AD. They had tried to conquer the South East Asian region and Sri Lanka.

The question is raised, why didn’t the other Indian rulers expand their rule outside the Indian subcontinent? The above question may have different answers. But one aspect which is related to the economy can be discussed here. If we ask a question, why did the Mughal ruler Babur come to India? The answer is, Babar invaded India because he wanted to acquire Indian wealth.

Why did the East India Company ( EIC ) come to India? EIC colonized the Indian subcontinent because it wanted to acquire the wealth of India. This proves that India was very rich in the ancient and medieval periods. She was a global exporter. She used to export everything from cloth, muslin, swords, ivory, and big ships. So, India was also described as ” Sone Ki Chidiya ”. Thus such a country which was a huge creator of wealth did not compel the rulers to venture outside the Indian subcontinent to earn wealth.


Indian Rulers Not Expanding Their Rule Outside Indian Subcontinent

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