Unlocking The Keys To Runaway Success , Every day we are using the products of Amazon, Apple and Facebook. Amazon is running an e-commerce business.

Every day we are using the products of Amazon, Apple and Facebook. Amazon is running an e-commerce business. Apple sells expensive mobiles. Facebook is a social media platform.

All these companies got runway success. One reason for their success is their high-quality product or services. But high-quality products or services may not be the sole reason for their runaway success. So, we will have to find the other reasons for their success. Thus, what may be the other reasons for their success?

What does Amazon do? Amazon is an e-commerce platform. People search for a lot of stuff on this platform. They spend a lot of time here. Thus Amazon appeals to our hunter-gatherer instinct to collect more stuff with minimum effort. Hunter-gatherer instinct was the core characteristic of homo-sapiens.

Apples runaway success is based on elevating a luxury product to a sacred cult brand that allows it the leeway or freedom not to follow the rules that govern and binds the rest of the business world.

Regarding the Facebook, the runaway success can be explained in the following way. As a species, we are weaker and slower than a lot of our competitors. Our developed brain is our competitive differentiation. Empathy is one of the distinguished differentiation of our brains. Empathy is what makes us more human. The explosion in images distributed on social media platforms i.e Facebook has led us to more empathy.

To conclude, the owners of Amazon, Apple and Facebook understood our human psyche and played their marketing strategies to exploit it. Interestingly, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, is a student of psychology.


Amazon, Apple And Facebook: Unlocking The Keys To Runaway Success

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