White Man Marrying Black Woman

Marriage is the legally recognised union of two people in a personal relationship. Many factors are considered when a man and woman marry each other. In these factors, skin colour also plays a very important role.

It is normally found that white women accept the black man as a partner. This percentage is also very high. But the reverse i.e. the white man marrying black women as a percentage is very low. Why is this so? This may be due to different perceptions of men and women towards marriage.

When a woman, irrespective of white or black skin colour, decides to marry a man, the skin colour of the man remains secondary to her. Her first priority is always economic stability and future security. If that security and stability are provided by a man, she is ready to marry a man, irrespective of his skin colour, black or white.

On the other hand, when a man marries a woman, his priorities are different from the woman. He may not be thinking in terms of economic stability or future security. He may be more attracted towards the idea of beauty as there is a perception that white is beautiful.

To conclude, both men and women have different perceptions regarding the same event i.e. marriage. The evolution of different perceptions between men and women may be because of different historical reasons also.


White Man Marrying Black Woman

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