The French Revolution occurred in 1789 and the Russian Revolutions occurred in 1917.

The French Revolution occurred in 1789 and the Russian Revolution occurred in 1917. French had Napoleon and Russia (USSR) had Stalin who was a very powerful personality who had very influence on Respective Revolutions. There was a necessity of popular philosophy to spread around the world.

Russian Revolution was critically observed or confined globally against the French Revolution due to the following reasons.

1. The first reason is that the French Revolution took place in 1789 where the establishment of colonism was often observed. Hence it is limited to Europe.

While the Russian Revolution takes place during the First World War (1914-1918), here soldiers from colonies are fought for their respective countries, They indirectly witnessed this revolution and helped to spread the philosophy of the Russian side (Communism).

2. During the French Revolution, competition for acquiring colonies in Asia, and Africa. In order to avoid their control over colonies, the French Revolution limited up to Europe only.

Whereas, During the Russian Revolution took place, European colonies were well established and the extraction of resources were carried out. Sellers, merchants, and soldiers were messengers of the result of the Russian Revolution globally.

3. The French Revolution was about the Human Rights of men and they favored Capitalism.

Russian Revolution focused on equality and equal rights of men and women. They favored Communism.

4. In the French Revolution, the people of France fought for their representative in Government. They were not opposed to Monarchy.
Russian Revolution was totally against of Monarchy. Their ideology belongs to Communism.

5. After the French Revolution, the spread of Colonies and imperialism globally. Whereas the Russian Revolution stands for direct involvement in Government via the communist approach. They favored Decolonization and anti-imperialism.

Due to the above reasons, Socialist and communist approaches toward society spread ideas and philosophies around the world. They contributed in shaping of Concept of the new world.

Name- Vikas Bharat Khatarkar
Name- Vikas Bharat Khatarkar

Name:- Vikas Bharat Khatarkar.

B.E. Electrical Assistant Engineer, M.S.E.D.C.L Nagpur

Russian Revolutions was confined globally against French Revolution limited to Europe only

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