To conclude, to avoid an adverse impact on the current account , we should have a crude oil policy like the USA and China.

Crude Oil Policy

Western Asia and Russia are the major exporters of crude oil. The prices of oil are dictated by the Oil Producing Exporting Countries ie OPEC. OPEC had raised the prices of crude oil suddenly in 1973 in the event of […]

Islamic Revolution 1979 had altered the historical narrative of the Middle east.
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Islamic Revolution,1979

what is the Islamic Revolution of 1979? In Iran, Muhammad Mosadek came to power in 1951 through the democratic process. He became the Prime-Minister of Iran. Iranian people were strongly opposing the Britisher neo-colonialism. Britishers were controlling the crude oil […]

The era in which we live is now officially described as an atomic Anthropocene or ' age of humans '.

Atomic Anthropocene

The term Anthropocene was coined by Nobel Lauret Paul Crutzen and Eugene Stoermer in 2000 AD to highlight how human activity had changed many facets of the earth. The Anthropocene refers to the period in Earth’s history when human activities […]

Was The Partition Of India Inevitable? - To conclude, the answer of the partition differs according to the nationalities of historians.
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Was The Partition Of India Inevitable?

India was partitioned in 1947. The answer to the question of partition differs widely with the nationalities of writers – that is Indian, Pakistan, or British. In India, the partition of the country is considered a tragedy. It is projected […]

The term Japanisation is related to the economy of Japan. The term can be explained in the following way.


The term Japanisation is related to the economy of Japan. The term can be explained in the following way. Japan went through a period of very rapid growth and technological expansion from the 1980s. Japanese politicians and industrial leaders confidently […]

Mark Zuckerberg applies the FREEDOM OF NO CHOICE in his life regarding dressing sense and concentrating on his routine work.

Freedom Of No Choice

Have you ever observed that the owner of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, usually wears the same color of T-shirts and trousers every day? It is not because he has no money to buy the different types of dress. But it […]