The world is always impressed by the American way of life. But, what is the American way of life?

American Way Of Life

The world is always impressed by the American way of life. The global population wanted to imitate the American way of life. But, what is the American way of life? To drive cars, and yachts, use enormous natural resources in […]

In subaltern history, the history of the lower strata of society is studied.
History Modern History

What Is Subaltern History?

Writing of history is divided into many categories like nationalist history, Marxist history, Cambridge school of thought and subaltern. In subaltern history, the history of the lower strata of society is studied. According to subaltern historians, in the nationalist movement, […]

To conclude, Chinese dam projects on the Brahmaputra are a threat to the lives and livelihoods of and downstream population. China's Water Bomb in Himalayan Region,

China’s Water Bomb in Himalayan Region

China is home to about 20% of the world’s population and has only 7% of its water resources. Its southern regions are water-rich, in comparison to the water-stressed northern part. It has an ambitious plan to link its south and […]

Learn about the disturbing relationship between the Industrial Revolution and slave Trade.
History World History

Industrial Revolution And Slave Trade

Industrial Revolution started in England in the 1780s. To make the industrial revolution successful, there was a need for capital. From where did this capital come to Britain? One view is that England’s industrial revolution got the capital from India. […]

Globalization And Bird Flu

Globalization And Bird Flu

Bird flu is also called avian influenza. It is a viral infection that can infect not only birds but also humans and other animals. Most forms of the virus are restricted to birds. H5N1 originated in China in 2004 and […]

This theory can be validated in the context of the industrial revolution and Quakers.
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Industrial Revolution And Quakers

The industrial revolution started in England in 1780. There were many factors for the success of the industrial revolution in England. Protestant religion also equally played important role in the success of the Industrial revolution. Protestant is the major sect […]

Interested in exploring different faiths and religions? Learn what is sect meaning is and its importance to theology with this guide.

What is sect?

What is sect? Sect is an offshoot of a larger religion. It is a group of people sharing particular political or religious beliefs. In European society, it is observed that the sects had repudiated the Church. Thus, it tended to […]

Get ready to explore a revolutionary new method of learning- Donkey Culture! Learn about this unique system and its components to become more effective learner.

Introducing the Donkey Culture: A New Way of Learning

What is culture? Culture is an umbrella term which encompasses the social behaviour, institutions and norms found in human societies as well as the knowledge, belief, arts, laws, customs, capabilities and habits of individuals in these groups. Culture often originated […]

Learn all about what is relative deprivation theory—why we experience it, and how research has explored its manifestations—in this insightful article.

What is Relative Deprivation?

The concept of relative deprivation was coined by an American sociologist, Stouffer. He discussed the concept in his book American Soldier. The term relative deprivation means the feeling of disadvantage or deprivation experienced by an individual or a member of […]

Discover the relationship between science and religion and how they can coexist in today's world.

Science and Religion

When religion is strong and is supported by the state, its effect on science has probably been negative. Science flourishes best when investigators are not obliged to work within dogmatic preconceptions. A lot of scientific development took place during the […]

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